Starting my Smart Home journey – Amazon Echo

After looking into the space of Smart home technology for a while I decided Yesterday to start my smart home journey. The space has evolved greatly in the last couple of years, and I have been waiting for a low entry chance, and decided to tart with the Amazon Echo Plus. The reason for this choice is because I wanted to have a closer look at the ZigBee integration because of the low prices for connectable accessories, mainly from China.

My main goal is to start to first have my home theatre controlled by voice commands, but later on having lights and other smart home functionality added to the mix. This is my first experience with smart home technology, but I have been following the technology evolve over the years

Because of my norwegian location access to the newest technology is not the best, so to be able to buy the products from the US I had to use a really smart service located in Norway called This is a service which handles all tax, shipping and availability issues for norwegian customers.

I am looking forward to diving into this space, and follow me for more product updates as I receive my products and add them to my home! :)