Frequently asked questions about Zinzino!

FAQThere are a lot of questions you need answered when looking into a business, but some of them are more ferequent then others. I have made an effort in this påst to give answers to the most frequently asked questions I encounter working with Zinzino.

You are your own brand!

personal-branding-tipsWhen starting out in network marketing many people thinks it’s an easy job with big money.

That is WRONG! When starting out in network marketing you are starting up your own independent store! You are the brand, you are the face of the company and it’s qualities…

Network Marketing a love or hate story

6669906_origThe words network marketing or MLM often brings up bad associations for a lot of people… They picture too eager friends pushing products on friends and family, and if they don’t buy they are bad friends and so on. They picture friends pushing them into a business so that they can earn money on the work they do. Is network marketing and MLM like that? Is network marketers only pushy salespeople covered up as a good friend?

The answer to this is sadly often YES! Some people working this business is doing it completely wrong!

Is Zinzino fraud or a scam?

The only free cheese is in the mousetrap

I know that the most used term when searching about Zinzino is “Zinzino Fraud” or “Zinzino scam”…

And that is not that strange? You have the right to be skeptic when you are shown that you can earn hundreds of thousands a month on a part time job…. I even got skeptical myself!

Before people conclude, most do research, and google is a good place for research most think, and in many ways they are rght! But source validation is very important when using google as a source. The pages indexed at the top don’t necesserily hold the truth.

In this article I’m going to share some thoughts about this “Zinzino fraud” search phrase and I hope it will help the ones searching.